3D Imaging


The revolutionary CS 9300 digital imaging system enables Dr. Dhadli to carry out accurate diagnoses as well as offer high-quality treatment without any worries. The CS 9300 system has 3D imaging capabilities that give unparalleled visualization of anatomical details. Therefore, this greatly assists Dr. Dhadli in the planning for your treatment and also helps her better explain the specifics of your condition. This way, your questions and concerns will be competently addressed.

In contrast to the usual spiral CT scanner, this 3D system employs the versatile Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology to give clear-cut digital images using very low radiation doses. With our new CS 9300 scanner, we can carry out an extensive array of diagnoses and treatments in our office in Hillsboro, Oregon, enabling our patients to make fewer visits. The 3D system enables us to select the field of view, or scanning area, and specifically focus on the section of your body requiring treatment. This allows us to limit the amount of radiation exposed to the unintended areas.

At WestsideOMS, we use this cutting-edge technology to share 3D images conveniently with your referring physician. Thus, Dr. Dhadli can effectively work together with other physicians to ensure you receive optimal, rewarding, and an enjoyable treatment experience.