Oral Pathology


The interior of the mouth is usually coated with a unique form of skin (mucosa) that is soft. It is normally coral pink in color. If there is any kind of change in this makeup, it could be an indication of a pathological process occurring. The most severe of these is oral cancer.

Here are some warning signs that can point to the start of a pathological process or cancerous growth.

  •          Existence of reddish spots (erythroplasia) inside the mouth. Whitish spots (leukoplakia) may also be present
  •          A sore that does not heal and oozes blood easily
  •          A swelling on the skin coating in the mouth
  •          Persistent sore throat or roughness and/or problems with properly eating food

These alterations can be seen on the regions around the mouth. These may include the lips, cheeks, and gum tissue situated on the sides of the teeth. The alterations may also occur in the tongue, facial muscles, and neck. Usually, any discomfort does not take place with pathology, and strangely, is not normally related to the occurrence of oral cancer. Nonetheless, any person having pain on the face or inside the mouth with no clear basis can also be susceptible to contracting oral cancer.

It is advisable you self-examine yourself on a monthly basis for any warning signs of cancerous growth in the mouth. Your mouth plays a critical role in warning you of any potential problems with your body. You should not disregard suspicious lumps or sores on the regions around your mouth. As always, please get in touch with us in case of any issues.