Before Intravenous Anesthesia (IV) Sedation


You should avoid taking food or drinks (even water) for about 8 hours before the surgery

  • You should not smoke for at least 12 hours prior to the appointment. Preferably, reduce or end smoking as early as possible before the procedure
  • A responsible adult should escort you to the office for the surgery. He or she should be with you in the office as the surgery is taking place and take you home afterwards
  • You should avoid driving a car or operating a machine for twenty-four hours after the surgery.
  • It is recommended you wear comfortable clothing on the day that you are going to be sedated. The sleeves of the clothes should be easily rolled up past the elbow
  • It is recommended you wear low-heeled shoes
  • You will need to remove contact lenses, jewelry, and dentures during the procedure
  • Please avoid applying lipstick, too much makeup, or nail polish before the procedure
  • You should let us know in case you have any illness. Examples include cold, sore throat, or stomach problems
  • In case you are on routine oral drugs, remember to notify us before the day of surgery for further instructions